March 28, 2018

Gem & Mineral / Malachite

I have been hooked on chakra meditation for several years, and now I know those crystals help to focus on each chakras. I am not sure whether it is just the placebo effect or they have sort of like invisible power.. Anyway, they are just beautiful and we are going to post our collections.

The first post from our mineral collection is malachite.


Malachite is copper ore and has metallic heaviness. It is one of the most colorful minerals and has been used in jewelry, ornamentation and pigment for thousands of years. It has also been believed to protect from harm.

February 21, 2018

New Arrivals

Several authentic American antique and vintage items are available now!

January 25, 2018

Prices of Fire-King Mugs Include Shipping Fee

To make shopping simple for Japanese and international customers, now all prices of Fire-King mugs include shipping fees. The product prices have been changed accordingly.

We will discount for international shipping fee when shipping address is in US. Please contact us.



January 11, 2018

King of American Vintage Glassware Fire-King

Vintage Fire-King is a king of vintage American glassware! Lovely shaped milk glasses will make your coffee time peaceful. We have uploaded 6 popular Fire-King mugs.

January 11, 2018

SALE 40% OFF All of Candlewick Glassware

All of Candlewick glassware 40%off!!

December 09, 2017

1910-50s Sterling Silver & Turquoise Indian Pin Brooch

Sterling silver Indian pin brooches with natural turquoises. They were hand-made by Native American tribes including Navajo and sold at souvenir shops and trading posts at Indian reservations in 1910-50s. Detailed silver work with beautiful turquoises antique brooches.

November 16, 2017

Jacks Bookend by Bill Curry

Jacks is one of the most iconic mid-century modern designs. Bill Curry with Design Line, Inc designed it in 1965. It is getting harder to find old original ones year by year at antique markets in US. It will be a nice accent at your shelf decoration.

October 26, 2017

American Vintage Folk Art

We got several pieces of original American vintage folk art.


This unique and peaceful pottery was made by Stella Shutiva from Acoma Pueblo New Mexico. The corrugated body with humorous design is Stella's unique style which came from a traditional technique. Stella demonstrated her techniques at the Smithsonian Institute in 1973.


This happy face hillbilly was carved by a legendary caricature wood carver, Harold L. Enlow who was a founding member of Caricature Carvers of America.


This wooden folk art was made by a prisoner confined to a prison at Oklahoma. It has a very dark aura.


October 20, 2017

Mid Century Modern American Vintage Furniture

We got several American vintage mid century modern furniture on the web store. Credenza by Lane and Tables by American of Martinsville. They all are made of walnut and have beautiful wood grains.


October 05, 2017

Original "Flair" Magazine Complete Set of 12 Issues


"Flair" was a monthly fashion and culture magazine issued only from February 1950 to January 1951. Due to the high quality of the magazine it was too expensive to keep producing, and it ceased publication after one year. The beautiful magazine is highly collectable as well as a rich reference source for 1950's fashion, art, photograph, travel, lifestyle, and advertise. Framed 12 issues must be a beautiful wall decoration. 

24.7 x 33 cm
9.75 x 13 inch

PRICE: $250.00

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